It seems as if having a good cigar has been the mark of looking like a stud or a hunk. For as long as we can remember. Hollywood has certainly helped make people think that cigar-smoking are real men. In fact, there have been a plethora of people who have been photographed having a good stogie between their lips. Smoking a cigar has been such a well-loved tradition that there are even some high-profile actresses who love being seen about town with a cigar of their own.

These people are able to make cigar smoking look good, even when they aren’t doing it for the money or the attention. With such huge popularity among a certain sector of the population, we have brought you the top ten cigar smoking hunks. These guys are the cream of the crop, the baddest of the bad among the famous cigar smokers.

10. John F. Kennedy


Not only was JFK considered quite a cigar-smoking hunk in his day, but he is the reason why it is hard to get a good Cuban cigar in the United States anymore. The famous story that surrounds the Cuban embargo is that Kennedy gave his press secretary 24 hours to round up as many Petit Uppman Cuban cigars as he could. After 24 hours, Kennedy made it illegal to purchase those products on US shores.

9. Jack Nicholson

Jack-Nicholson cigar-smoking hunk

Nicholson has long been one of the hunkiest celebrities in Hollywood. While the man has gotten older, there is still a certain group of people that consider him a trendsetter. He’s the man some women want to be with and some men want to be like. Nicholson is also a famous cigar-smoking artist, with the Montecristo being his favorite type.

8. Michael Jordan

cigar-smoking star

Jordan was one of the best basketball players in the history of the NBA, a good looking man and someone who also loved a good Montecristo Classic every now and then.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

cigar-smoking artist

The former bodybuilder, Republican governor of California and of course the Terminator is a famous cigar smoker as well. The man may have lost some of his luster after it came out that he had an affair with his maid but Arnold was certainly considered one of the world’s hunkiest men in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. Arnie has long credited with his ex-wife’s father, Sargent Shriver for getting him started in his love affair with cigars.

6. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is one of the biggest budget action stars in the world and has certainly gotten enough women to swoon over his smoky good looks. Willis is also reported to have been a regular attendee of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cigar parties over the last few decades.

5. Michael Douglas

The man who once famously said that “Greed is good” has long been one of the most popular leading men in Hollywood. Douglas’s love for Montecristo #2’s might have actually led to a bit of a health scare but the man is still going strong. As far as his hunky status, the guy is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones. That’s enough of a pedigree for most.

4. Harrison Ford

Ford has long been a guy that the women have drooled over going all the way back to his days as Han Solo and continuing forward thanks to Indiana Jones. Ford has long been known as a cigar-smoking fan of several different cigars.

3. Tom Selleck

Selleck has been seen as a giant hunk ever since his days as Magnum P.I. and while the man has gotten older, it appears he was allowed to keep his looks in some sort of a Hollywood version of a humidor. Selleck, like most of the other men on this list loves some Montecristo #2’s.

2. Mel Gibson

Gibson has certainly seen his star tarnished over the last few years, but there are very few people who could deny that at one time, this guy was one of the biggest heartthrobs in Hollywood. Gibson is also known as one of the biggest lovers of cigars in Tinseltown.

1. Tom Cruise

Another actor whose hunkiness factor cannot be denied despite some recent bad turns in the romance department. People may not know that Cruise is quite the cigar enthusiast and holds the Cohiba in high regard.