Use 'Scentsibility': select natural and organic aromatheraphy fragrances

Use ‘Scentsibility’: select natural and organic aromatheraphy fragrances

Employers and employees alike strive to make their workplaces comfortable, healthy, spaces that foster a positive mindset and engender a focused and productive work day. Even a workspace environment as small as cubicle can be enhanced with meaningful photographs, artwork and decorations. In addition to decor, there is another growing trend to enhance the environment of offices and work spaces – aromatherapy.

Fragrances for offices have grown equally popular among large corporations and small businesses alike, and here’s why: Aromatherapy has been proven to enhance physical and emotional health and contribute to overall well-being. While you may not be able to escape from the hectic rush of the work-a-day world, at least you can bring some positive energy to the environment with essential oils and fragrances. Using fragrance in an office environment may be the key to a happy workplace.

In fact, scientific and medical studies have proven that certain fragrances for offices can have a dramatic impact on employee morale, productivity, ultimately helping to lower stress levels and combat the general sense of malaise which can permeate businesses in this tough economy.

Certainly, not all offices or work place environments condone the use of fragrances, essential oils or scented products.  Some chemically and artificially scented products such as air fresheners and various wax products have been reported to cause allergic reactions, headaches, dizziness, nausea, skin irritation, respiratory problems and other health conditions. However, its is important to note that organic essential oils, or naturally scented products generally do not cause any allergic reactions.  

Before you take on the task of introducing fragrances to your office environment, it is important to use some ?scentsibility?. Inquire about the rules and regulations pertaining to fragrances, air fresheners, scented candles and essential oils. Ask your co-workers how they feel about particular aromas or aromatherapy products.  

Many people simply are not aware that organic aromatherapy products such as clean burning natural soy candles have been deemed to be much safer for the environment, and for public health, than paraffin wax candles, which leave behind a toxic fumes and residue.  Pure essential oils, which can be poured into attractive diffusers and displayed elegantly in an office space, are also ideal since they do not pose any fire safety hazards.


If you are interested in selecting key fragrances for offices or workplace environments, consult your local aromatherapy practitioner, who can provide helpful information about the healing properties of essential oils from different flowers, plants and herbs.  Below is a list of the mostly highly recommended aromas, essential oils and fragrances for offices.

Lemon and Citrus Fruits:
Lemon scent, and the scents of citrus fruits such as grapefruit, orange, lime and even the herb lemon verbena have all been deemed to have uplifting, anti-depression, and energizing effects.

Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary:  
All of these fragrances have been shown to increase mental stimulation, boost energy, increase clarity of the mind, improve focus, agility and alertness. Some studies have even shown that these herbs can help to improve memory.

Lavender, Jasmine, and Chamomile:

These aromas are all associated with stress-reduction, tension reduction and relaxation.  Aromatherapists frequently use these particular oils to help lessen the effects of stress and anxiety in patients. These aromas can also provide relief to those suffering from premenstrual syndrome as well as other physical aches and pains. Aromatherapy candles in these fragrances are sure to add an element of tranquility to any environment.  

Black Currant, Balsam and Geranium:
These unique scents have all been shown to boost levels of helpfulness, friendliness and kindness in a work place environment.  

Sandalwood and Bamboo:

Sandalwood and bamboo are ancient aromas that have long been associated with zen meditation.  These earthy aromas have properties said to promote calmness, ease anxiety and enhance creative thinking.