Here are some tips on getting wrinkles out of leather clothing

Here are some tips on getting wrinkles out of leather clothing

Leather and suede must be taken care of. This material is relatively durable but it can be damaged by moisture and it can wrinkle and crease. If wrinkles do appear in the material, the owner of the item needs to about getting wrinkles out of leather safely.

Leather comes from the skins of animal. The skin is then processed in a tannery. Hides can vary in appearance, texture and color.

If the item you buy is full grain, this means that the surface of the item has not be been changed by sanding although it can be embossed which creates a different surface look such as a grain that appears shrunken.

Leather is functional as well as sturdy and is used in various applications, including purses, shoes, furniture and clothing


According to Heloise (Helpful Hints), take the item into the bathroom while you are showering. No, don?t wear it into the shower. For example, hang the jacket or other item in the bathroom while you shower. Steam from a hot shower helps get rid of the wrinkles that have formed. Remove the article of clothing from the bathroom and place it on a surface that is flat. Use your hands to smooth out the material.

Use a hair blow dryer, set at its highest heat. With the dryer about 10 away from the material, aim the heat at the wrinkled area, moving the dryer back and forth which prevents the heat from burning the fabric. As the material softens up under the heat start evening out the fabric by using your hands to smooth the material.


Place the item on an ironing board. Cover the article of clothing with a cloth that is made of 100 percent cotton or you can use a heavy brown paper bag (a clean one) that is placed between the iron and the material. You do not want to directly touch the fabric with the iron because this can create shine that you don?t want. Put the iron on low heat and press lightly and speedily on the portion that is wrinkled. Use a regular iron and not a steam iron for this purpose.

Leather shoes and boots will crease and wrinkle in time. To prevent this, or at least ward off the inevitable, put the shoes or boots on a cedar boot tree, which helps retain the shape of the shoe.

Try using specific leather oils to moisten the areas on the shoe or other product that have become wrinkled. Work the oil into the crease that has appeared. If you are using this technique on shoes, put the shoe on a shoe tree immediately after you have done this and let the shoe dry. Sometimes simply giving the material a good massage with your hands will eliminate creases and wrinkles.


Leather items should be stored properly, in an area where there is air circulation and away from the sunlight which fades the material. If the closet is very humid this can cause a jacket or shoe or bag made of this material  to mildew. If you are living in an area of the country where high humidity is commonplace, pack silica gel desiccant in with the items or put a dehumidifier in the closet.  Leather wants to breathe, which it cannot do in a plastic bag.

Use water-repellent protective sprays on these products that afford the item with protection from high humidity and rain. You are essentially waterproofing the item. Water stains and spots can appear on this type of fabric if you don?t waterproof the item.

When this material gets dirty it can be cleaned using a shampoo specifically designed for use on this type of material, which conditions as well as cleans and adds protection.