Homemade outdoor Halloween decorations are fun to create and save you money

Halloween Decoration

Halloween and decorating go hand-in-hand. Whether you want to create a spooky scene in your front yard or just want to add some cute adornments, purchasing all those props can get quite expensive. 
When you create your own homemade outdoor Halloween decorations, however, you can save money and have fun making them all at the same time. Stock up on craft supplies and you will be ready to undertake some budget-conscious decorating.


Turn your front yard into a creepy cemetery by featuring a variety of tombstones. Whether you want to make them funny or spooky, you can do so quite easily. All you need is the help of a few materials.

Start off with a large sheet of foam. Cut the material into the shape of a tombstone by using a foam cutter. This tool works its way through foam seamlessly and creates perfect edges. Go over the edges with a wood file to give the tombstones a worn look.

Spray the material with gray paint, then add additional paint with a sponge once the first coat dries. Doing so adds texture and design to the stone. You can create the illusion of cracks in the tombstone with a paint brush and black paint. You can also use your cutter to remove small portions of the foam, then go back over there with paint again.

For a really neat trick, trace the outline of a skull and draw it onto the tombstone. Use your cutting tool to remove the shape, then insert a skull into the foam. Fill in the cracks with non-shrinking spackle, then paint the filler gray.

Use black paint to write a name or message on your foam. You could even use black marker, if desired. To add some humor, write ?vacancy? on the foam with an arrow pointing down towards the ground.

Place several of these one-of-a-kind stones on your yard and you’ll have a spooky scene that looks quite real.


The sheer sight of bats is often scary enough to induce screams and terror in the best of them, which makes their presence perfect for this holiday. Fortunately, the fake bats couldn’t be easier to make and they add a touch of spook to your porch.

Start by folding a piece of thick black paper in half, then draw an outline of a bat onto it; you can freehand the outline or find a template online.

Use scissors to carefully cut out the shape, then use a bone folder to create creases in the wings. Be sure to fold them in the opposite direction of the body.

Use a knife or other sharp object to poke holes in the bats. For instance, if you want to hang them upside-down, create holes in each tail. Holes in the head create a right side up appearance. Insert fishing line into the holes, then hang the line from the ceiling of your porch with tape or removable hooks.

If you don’t have a porch ceiling, hang them from your trees. Either way, you’re sure to scare kids of all ages.

Snake Wreath

Ready to scare the pants off of your guests? If so, you can with this easy-to-make wreath that is sure to create fear in anyone who passes through your door. Start by picking up an 18-inch grapevine wreath, then painting it with black spray paint. This type of paint gets right inside the wreath, saturating every vine with the spooky color.

Pick up about a dozen small rubber snakes of various sizes. Try to find them in black, or paint them with black spray paint. Attach the snakes to the wreath with floral wire or coil them around the wreath. Now hang it on the door and watch as your visitors take double takes when passing the wreath by.

Creating homemade outdoor Halloween decorations is not only fun, but allows you to be creative, and save money all at the same time.


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