Wondering if interior design is a good career and match for your talents?

Wondering if interior design is a good career and match for your talents?

Are you passionate about home decor? Are you always painting, rearranging furniture, hanging pictures and trying something new and innovative in your home? Are you comparable to a kid in a candy store when you get your hands on paint chips or fabric? Is interior design a good career for you? Yes, but you need to undergo training before hanging up your shingle.

There are those who possess a natural flare for space, design, color, proportion and style. In addition to that the individual must know about flooring, fabrics, furniture and how to combine them, along with technical aspects, such as building codes. Taking a design course is a must if you want to pursue this line of work and be successful.

The goal is creating spaces that are attractive as well as safe and purposeful. You can be a residential or corporate designer, creating beautiful areas that are also efficient, all the while staying within a budget. If you are a history buff, pursue work in historical renovation.

Sustainable Design

Some have specialties such as sustainable design or feng shui. Sustainable refers to using renewable resources that do not negatively alter the environment. The professional is cognizant of social, ecological values and ramifications. Items are re-purposed (used for a different purpose than originally;) recycled materials are used and earth-friendly products such as flooring, wall-coverings and fabrics are incorporated into the job. The goal: Creating a space while simultaneously safeguarding the earth and sustaining the earth resources.


Feng Shui

Feng shui is another approach. Believed to have a positive effect on the spiritual and physical self of those living in a specific space, this ancient Chinese art means wind and water, which are natural elements, possessing remarkable energy.

When practicing the art of feng shui, a person surrounds himself with items in such a way leading to synchronization and the positive flow of energy. In other words, the person isn’t routinely crashing into ill-placed furniture. The objective: Changing negative aspects in a person’s life, achieved by rearranging the contents of a room, changing the colors on the walls and using light differently or more effectively.

If living in a crowded, cluttered, dark, poorly organized space, this is not beneficial to a person’s emotional or physical health. The room can be re-arranged by a professional who is versed in feng shui. The colors are changed and other techniques are employed releasing negative energy from the space.

All in a Day’s Work

If this is the profession you want to pursue, you must learn about texture, fabric, lighting, flooring, color and how to furnish a particular space. You must be creative, imaginative and flexible.  In addition, you must know about health and safety requirements and building codes, the boring but essential stuff.

The ability to communicate effectively is necessary. If you can’t express your ideas persuasively you will not get any clients. Once you get the job you must be capable of communicating with the various workers involved in the project, including architects and contractors.

You must be able to manage personnel, keep the client happy and stay within a budget, all of which requires a person who is capable of multi-tasking without blinking an eye.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a space the client loves. If he loves it, he may hire you the next time he has a need for a designer.

If you can do all the above, this is the career for you.