romantic table settingsContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

Romance can be different things for different people.

For some, it’s the glow of candlelight and soft music. For others, it’s the simple gesture of your spouse unloading the dishwasher without being asked. If you are planning a special dinner and are looking for places to create romantic table settings, the options are plentiful.

10. Rustic Cabin in the Woods

Rustic Cabin in the Woods

There is just something romantic about a cabin in the woods, particularly in winter. The quiet stillness of the setting appeals to almost everyone. Be sure to pack everything you need, from the silverware to the salt and pepper set. There is no corner store here.

9. Under a Tree in the Backyard

botanic china at Fitz and Floyd

Routine can dull any relationship. Spice things up a bit and have dinner outside. You can use the patio furniture or live a little and eat under the big shade tree in the backyard. Use botanical china and set a romantic table perfect for the outdoor setting.

8. In the Middle of a Field

In the Middle of a Field

Picture the rolling hills of France, covered with fragrant lavender. A simple dinner of cheese displayed on a nice cheese board, French bread and a good bottle of wine is laid out on a picnic blanket and your bicycle leans against a nearby tree. *sigh*

7. Your Favorite Park

Your Favorite Park

Did you meet at the park? Was one of your first dates there? Why not set up a romantic picnic lunch and surprise your special someone. Go over-the-top. Cover an institutional picnic table with a beautiful quilt and set out your best 5-piece place setting.

6. Your Favorite Restaurant

Your Favorite Restaurant

Romantic table settings do not always have to be of your own design. Head over to your favorite restaurant and enjoy their version as well. It’s all the little details, like pretty napkin rings.

5. On a Mountainside at Sunset

On a Mountainside at Sunset

If you are looking to wow the person you are with, plan on a late afternoon hike, followed by a picnic dinner with a view. Sunsets are free, too. There are so many choices in gourmet backpacking food these days, so even if the hike is long, you can feast! Or you could make believe the zombies are closing in and dine on MREs. Hey they say danger increases romantic feelings!

4. In an Orchard

In an Orchard

A newer trend emerging recently is a gorgeous table set with beautiful linens and fine china in the middle of a working orchard. The heady scent of peach or apple blossoms only adds to the ambience.

3. In Front of a Fire

In Front of a Fire

A warm fireplace is one of the top locations for romantic table settings. You can eat in the dining room and then set up a coffee pot and desert on the coffee table. Place some pillows in front of the fire and talk. Really talk. Er, um, “talk.” You know… fireplace, pillows, maybe some wine… okay, now you got it!

2. At the Beach

At the Beach

Beaches are the epitome of romance. Enjoy a meal, watch the sunset and listen to the waves lap against the sand. Take a long walk at the water’s edge and share your dreams. Pick up a few sea shells to remember the date, or let your childlike side out and build a sand castle. It’s all good — it’s a beach! It doesn’t get much better.

1. In a Cardboard Box

In a Cardboard Box

Wait? What?! Seriously, romantic table settings are great, but the best accessory for your table is who you are eating with. Set out some pretty plates and enjoy the company and the conversation.