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Cat lovers are a curious breed.

We tend to become very wrapped up in our little bundles of fur. When they sniffle, we run to the internet to check out their symptoms. Also, when they mope about, we research their melancholia. When we want to reward them for tolerating the dog … and the kids … and, well, us … we scurry off to find them an appropriately amazing trinket or toy these Top 10 Cat Forums will help you in your efforts to become a better cat owner.

You might even become worthy of caring for your fine feline:

10. Catster

Cat forums

Catster is a very active community with strong resources for cat health and cat behavior and training. The site offers good information in a user friendly environment.

9. Animal Forum

The Cats under the Animal Forum is part of the Top 10 Cat Forums to follow. This forum offers several unique communities within the forum such as groups that focus on supplements for cats and cat adoption and abuse issues. There is even a pet memorial group to offer support and compassion for those who have lost a beloved feline.

8. Savannah Cat Chat

Savannah Cat Chat addresses the typical health and behavior issues that cat owners frequently encounter with their felines; however, they also have a forum dedicated to cats that are rescued. This is one of the few forums located that offered this valuable information.

Top 10 CAt Forums

7. The Cat Site

This forum boasts a group called “The Cat Lounge.” This is the place where you can share all those amusing anecdotes, heart-warming photos, and too-cute-for-words videos that you have been accumulating. There is no need to bother that poor man in the elevator, or the tired looking woman standing beside you in the grocery line; share your love of all things feline in The Cat Lounge instead … and avoid the protective order associated with harassing strangers.


If you are interested in making your own cat food, this is the forum for you. Likewise, if you want to debate homemade raw cat food versus its commercially prepared counterpart, the other like-minded cat owners here will welcome you into the discussion.

5. Think Cats

Think Cats offers the traditional how-tos for cat owners, but also offers information about breeding and pedigrees. The forum also has a Classifieds section for individuals interesting in selling or buying cat-related products.

cute cat pet

4. The Daily Kitten

The Daily Kitten offers a lot of good basic advice forums, and it also offers the “Newsroom” forum, which posts stories and articles from around the web. This forum might also have one of the more adorable forum titles; the “Purrs” forum invites posters needing advice or comforting to join in the discussion.

3. YummyPets

YummyPets has a variety of forum topics, including health, behavior, education and entertainment, breeding, and food as well as health care. It is a well-organized site with a great deal of information that is easy to locate and understand.

2. City-Data Cat Forum

City-Data Cat Forum has general information, as well as exercise information for cat owners who want to keep their felines fit and trim. It is a forum where you can also read your favorite Blogs, Podcasts, News Websites, Youtube Channels, and RSS feeds from one place.

1. Cats Forum

Cats forum on Reddit offers links to cat websites, cat blogs, cat grooming tips, cat videos, and just about anything cat-related that you can imagine! The forums are informative and those cute cat videos can be addictive … kind of like catnip.