thrifting blogsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Thrifting is one hobby that can very quickly become a lifestyle whether you’re trying to save money, interested in starting a vintage business or simply love giving unique items a second life.

It takes a practiced eye to spot great finds, and some experience to know what to do with them. Thrifting blogs are a great resource for newbies and experienced thrifters alike. They bring the community together, provide a platform for sharing practical information and encourage readers to find their own treasures.

These top ten blogs offer all kinds of tips on hauling and re-selling, but most importantly, they celebrate the joy of re-using, repurposing and recycling.

10. Thrift Store Confidential

Thrift Store Confidential

Ran by a Goodwill Style Icon, Nicole, Thrift Store Confidential provides information to inspire thriftiness in everyday life. She covers everything from store spotlights and creating a signature vintage style, to practical information on topics like laundering unusual fabrics. Head here for thrifty news and fashion tips on sporting vintage-style accessories.

9. Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks

Pink Shirts and Car Wrecks

Pink shirts and car wrecks is both the visual journal and online workshop of Libby, a vintage entrepreneur and designer with an eye for the joyful details in vintage. This blog covers everything from unique hotel signs to why so many thrifters fall in love with vintage in the first place.

8. Dolly Rocker Girl

Dolly Rocker Girl

Stumbling on the Dolly Rocker Blog is a lot like getting lost and discovering one of the best second hand shops around. Filled with vintage photos of film stars and musicians, this blog offers style tips from every decade straight from the sources. Learn the story behind vintage-inspired jewelry and retro trends.

7. Things I Found at the Thrift Store

Things I Found at the Thrift Store

Things I found at the Thrift Store blog gives us a male perspective on thrifting with less focus on fashion and more odd bits of history on things like McCoy cookie jars. Visually oriented and filled with links to other sites, this blog’s perfect fit for like-minded thrifters who believe in giving unique home décor and other items a second life.

6. Apron Thrift Girl

Apron Thrift Girl

Apron Thrift Girl (ATG) is a blog after every vintage girl’s heart. ATG digs into the stories behind every good find, not only an item’s history, but the experience of finding it, hauling it home and finding a home for it. She’s also a seasoned crafter and re-seller who generously shares tips and sources for thrifters looking for to both save and make money.

5. My Thrifty Closet

My Thrifty Closet

Thrifters shine from all over the globe. My Thrifty Closet is a blog written by Mongs in Singapore. Mongs is one woman with impeccable fashion sense and an eye vintage. The blog focuses on putting vintage outfits together with whimsical accessories, finding inspiration from celebrity style and making dated vintage pieces look modern with some snips here and stitches there.

4. Miss P

Miss P

Thrifting is like a DIY gateway habit. Since many thrift shops have poor lighting and tight change rooms if any at all, many gals return home with a bag full of gorgeous vintage clothing that fits all wrong. The Miss P blog is by an aspiring dressmaker dedicated to honing her craft methodically. Go here for drafting and refashioning tips and tutorials on sewing basics.

3. Recycled Fashion

Recycled Fashion

Many people get into thrifting because it’s an environmentally sustainable way to enjoy fashion. The blog Recycled Fashion focuses on the many different venues thrifters can explore, including opportunity shops, thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and online stores, as well as fun projects like upcycling sweaters into stylish skirts.

2. Sammy Davis Vintage

Sammy Davis Vintage

The Sammy Davis Vintage blog offers a regular dose of helpful tips on finding and identifying stylish vintage clothing, inspecting quality and breathing new life into your favorite finds with some DIY love. Sammy’s style posts are categorized by decade starting with the 1920s and going up to the 90s. This is a great site for to learn more about vintage-inspired modern fashion.

1. High Plains Thrifter

High Plains Thrifter

High Plains Thrifter comes to us from South Minneapolis. Reading this blog is like spending time with an awesome friend chatting about everything from vintage beauty looks to the glories of used books stores and odd fabrics like duramesh. She blogs about road trips and shares treasures all in the name of showing the world how much more fun thrifting is than going to the mall.