One of the top ten ways to wear suspendersContributed by Cindi Pearce, Top 10 Guru

Do people still wear suspenders?

They most certainly do.

Suspenders take the place of a belt. They hold up your pants. Suspenders are referred to as braces in England. Most suspenders are made of leather or fabric straps that are worn over the shoulder to hold up pants. Sometimes the straps are stretchy (elasticized). Suspenders can be worn forming a Y shape at the back or an X. Do not wear both suspenders and a belt. Some people consider suspender’s underwear that is not to be seen, but others disagree and eagerly show them off. Others think that flamboyantly colored suspenders are tacky and then there are those who think otherwise and believe the flashier the better.

Here are the top ten ways to wear suspenders:

10. Hard at work

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

Firemen wear suspenders. They’re functional, serving a purpose, but also very sexy looking on a man. What is it about a man in suspenders? Outdoorsmen and women also wear practical suspenders when they’re fishing and doing other outdoorsy type things.

9. Like a farmer

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

Wear work suspenders because you are a farmer or a laborer and you need them. They’re practical and keep things in place. Suspenders can also keep you safe, dry and working effectively – or save your life.

8. Kid-style

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

Kids can wear suspenders and look darned cute in them. Suspenders can rescue the day and hold up pants that are just a wee bit too big that were inherited from the very tall and very large second cousin twice removed. Turn hand-me-downs into a sharp looking outfit courtesy of suspenders. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

7. When dressing up

A list of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

Do you have a date with the red carpet? Wear suspenders. It won’t be the first time it was done. Suspenders are a quirky, unexpected addition to an outfit, particularly when a woman is wearing them. When worn, suspenders add an androgynous flair to an outfit, especially when donned by a woman. Suspenders are rather masculine yet look extremely well on shapely women. Certain body parts can be highlighted or covered depending on where you strategically place the suspender straps.

6. Dancing

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

When you are dancing, wear flashy dance suspenders. They hold up whatever is on the bottom and prevent wardrobe malfunctions. Change it up and drop them off the shoulders, letting the suspenders hang down. This looks cool. Just don’t get tangled up in something.

5. On Wall Street

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

Get the Wall Street power broker look by wearing a colorful and sassy pair of suspenders under a business-like pinstriped, cost-way-too-much suit. This shows that there is a sense of humor underneath all of that seriousness.

4. With nothing else

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

Wear them with very little else. Show off that six-pack and those amazing shoulders and arms. The ladies will drool. Men can pull off this look and women, too, but it is R rated when it comes to females, and it may be best suited for the boudoir.

3. Emulate Larry King

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

Wear suspenders because Larry King did. The omnipresent suspenders may have had a lot to do with his great success and longevity on TV. They were certainly his signature style. When you’re in the mood to project some attitude, do what Lady Gaga does. Wear suspenders and channel Larry King as she did.

2. Like a musician

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

Paul McCartney wears suspenders and does them very well. Channel McCartney by slipping into suspenders. Very cute, indeed!

1. Like the Amish

One of the top ten ways to wear suspenders

If you are of the Amish faith, you have to wear suspenders because belts are forbidden, and you certainly don’t want to be caught with your pants falling down! That would be frowned upon.