Halloween Costume

Make a statement this Halloween

Don’t want to dress up your kids as just another Power Ranger or Harry Potter this Halloween? If you’re tired of the Halloween costumes that line the store aisles, consider thinking “outside the jack-o-lantern.” Here are some unique Halloween costume ideas to spur your creativity.

Go with a Food Theme Halloween Costume

Dressing up in clothes of a certain color can be the beginning of a vegetable or fruit theme. Here are a few unique costume ideas to consider:

Carrot Costume

Pull-on an orange shirt and pants. Dab green mousse in your hair and paint your face green.


Find a red sweatshirt and sweatpants. Paint black spots all over the clothes. Find red shoes or cover tennis shoes with red socks or cloth. Cut green leaves out of felt and pin them to a green knit cap.

Cheese sandwich

Buy two pieces of white poster board. Color them and cut them to look like two pieces of bread. Use other colors of the poster board to create the filling: yellow for cheese or mustard, green for pickles, and lettuce. Then take a rope and attach the two pieces together. Sling the rope over your shoulders so that you are in the middle of the sandwich. Wear yellow pants for mustard.

Get Inside a Box

If you have a spare box from your latest television or appliance purchase, you already have the base for a multitude of unique Halloween costume ideas. Cut holes for head and shoulders, take out the bottom to allow room for legs, and then complete the costume using one of these themes:

Puppies for Sale

Take a cardboard box and paint the words “Puppies for Sale” on it. Attach stuffed puppies inside the box, arranging them so they peek out. You can also paint your face to look like a puppy.

Television Halloween Costume

Paint a cardboard box black. Add a screen. Attach antennas to your head to complete the look.


Paint a cardboard box in black or white. Paste a magazine sheet of paper depicting food on the front. Add buttons and dials as desired.


Start with a refrigerator box. Add cardboard to the top to create a pointed roof. Paint it like a house, add a door and windows, and then carefully step outside!

Salt and pepper shakers

Have one person dress up in a white sweatsuit and the other one in a black sweatsuit. Cut an “S” out of black material and glue it on the white shirt. In a similar fashion, create a white “P” and place it on the black shirt. Then get a white hat and a black hat. Attach felt circles on top of them for holes.

Ketchup and mustard Halloween Costume

Take two large boxes. Paint one of the red and the other one yellow. Create holes for heads, arms, and feet. Then glue ketchup bottle signs on one of the boxes. Decorate the other with mustard signs. Complete the outfits with red and yellow hats and faces.

Siamese twins

Go to a thrift store for two pairs of pants, an extra-large flannel shirt, and some suspenders. Stitch two of the pant legs together. Then have each person get into the pants, sharing the middle leg. Use suspenders to hold the pants up. Pull on the flannel shirt, putting the outer arms in the sleeves. Be sure to move slowly!

Attention Grabber Halloween Costume

If your main purpose is to stand out in a crowd, here are a few unique Halloween costume ideas to try:


Find a black shirt and pants. Then gather plastic barns, trees, cows, and anything else you can think of. Attach thread to these objects. With a needle, stitch them into the clothing. Let some of the string slack so that when you spin, a tornado forms!

Attacked by bugs

Paint bugs on your face and places small plastic critters in your hair. Cover your clothes with other little creatures. Add silver spray paint and netting to make a spider web around the body.

Can’t make up my mind. Dig in your closet and pull out old Halloween costumes. Pull on a little of everything, such as a witch hat, fairy wand, and army pants. Wear mismatched shoes, style half of your hair one way and the other half a different way, etc. Then place a sign on your back that reads, “Couldn’t decide!”

Remember, these unique Halloween costume ideas are just a start. Raid your home, thrift stores, and other places to find a great theme. Your costume will not go unnoticed; in fact, it may become a trend the following year!