No body is perfect so understand which swimsuit really looks best on plus sizes

No body is perfect so understand which swimsuit really looks best on plus sizes

Nothing can put a woman into a tailspin any faster than buying a new bathing suit. It can be traumatic! Most of us do not have picture perfect bodies, never have had and never will have, so it is frustrating when we try to find swimwear that flatters us. Women who are plus size or, on the other hand, too skinny, have a real challenge ahead of them.

So, as you head into the fitting room, you wonder, “Which swimsuit really looks the best on plus size women?” It depends on a woman?s specific body shape and what body parts are large. She may like and want to emphasize her ample breasts but doesn?t want to advertise her rear end or she may hate her wobbly belly and wants to camouflage it.


Look for a plus size suit that is stretchy and consists of a tummy control panel. A bit of ruching camouflages too much girth in the midsection.

A top that?s higher in the back and possesses thick straps conceals back fat. A portrait collar on a one-piece makes your clavicle appear elongated and distracts the eye from what?s down below (as in a big belly and/or butt.)

A tankini is a good choice because it covers the belly but is still a two-piece, which some women prefer over a one-piece.

Try a bra-style top with a swim skirt bottom. The skirt hides that which you don?t want anyone to see.


High cut bottoms can visually extend the length of legs, making them look longer and leaner.

If you have large breasts, side-boning in the suit helps hoists up the girls and holds you in place. Go strapless. People will notice your shoulders not your belly or butt. A single strap suit is a good choice, too. This style draws a person?s eyes upward to your face. Busty women should look for suits with thick straps which provide ?security? for their breasts. You don?t want them flopping out.

Wear a two-piece with high-waist bottoms. Couple the bottoms with a plunging neckline. No one will be looking at your belly or butt because they will be eyeing your d?colletage. The high waist conceals your muffin top.

Body Shape

If you have a triangular body shape and are bigger on the bottom than on the top, choose a suit that is patterned on top to emphasize your chest, making it look bigger and more proportionate with your lower half. Choose a dark colored bottom to de-emphasize your butt.

If your body is an inverted triangle and you are bigger on the top than on the bottom, wear brighter bolder colors on the bottom half and a dark color on top to balance out your figure.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a great way to look slimmer. For example, a white suit with black color blocking on each side visually takes off inches from the waist and hips. Color-blocking is a Godsend.


Cut-outs works like color-blocking. The only difference is your skin is revealed in in the cut-out area. This kind of suit is visually interesting and distracts from those areas you don?t want noticed or honed in on.


Another way to distract from problem areas is to don a suit with fringe or ruffles or wear eye-catching accessories that sparkle in the sun.


Vertical stripes make you look slimmer, horizontal stripes may do just the opposite, so keep that in mind when shopping for swimwear. Buy a great-looking cover-up. If you are feeling self-conscious or simply want some additional protection from the sun, put it on and look good while wearing it.